Panomicron C

The Panomicron C is a compact medium format camera, made for use with wide angle lenses. It has a Mamiya 645 mount on the back, so older Mamiya / Leaf digital backs will work, aswell as modern Phase One backs. The price is still TBD and will depend on how many camera bodies I can make in a batch, but I'm aiming for 500€. If you're interested in buying a camera please fill in the form bellow this will help me get a sense of how many people are interested, thus serious applicants only please.  You will have the choice between a 3d printed helicoid, or an aluminium M65x1 mount, compatible with Chinese helicoids available on ebay, the price difference between those two options is about 50€, but the helicoid and the adapter plate for copal shutters you will have to buy makes that difference minimal. To start the only color available will be black.

Body only, no lens or digital back included.


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