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Camera Update No. 1

Here's a short update on the camera progress. This post is also available over on the facebook group.

When I decided I would do an aluminium version I decided to redesign the whole camera from scratch with what I had learned the past two times I had remade it. I also decided It would be an opportunity for a full cosmetic overhaul. The camera is still being worked on, hence the top and bottom plates are missing from the render because the top plate isn't quite finished yet.

The most obvious thing at first sight might be the new front. Instead of attaching a tube to the camera and then putting an adapter plate on it I decided to put the adapter plate directly on the camera and simply use a longer helicoid, hopefully making the whole thing more robust. This plate will have to be custom made to fit on the camera and shouldn't be too expensive to manufacture. Initially i wanted to use plates from RAFcamera that are already manufactured, this might still be a possibility but would require a small redesign using a three screw array (1 top 2 bottom) instead of a 4 screw array due to the position of the screw holes. What do you think? Using prefabricated rings might be more cost effective but might reduce stability. It would also make the camera a few millimeters taller to fit the ring (the one i designed is cut off at the bottom as per the render).

The second thing you might notice are the two thumbscrews on the side of the camera. These two are 1/4-20 thumbscrews, the same you'll find on pretty much any tripod, making them cheap and easy to replace pretty much anywhere around the world, if you have access to a photo store.

I mentioned above that i was planning the aluminium version of this camera, up until now I have been unable to find a place where I could reasonably manufacture the body, the prices are much to high. On the other hand I have tried a new 3D printing method and I've been happily surprised with the results. HP's MFJ technology seems to solve opacity problems I had with regular SLS Nylon, while retaining mechanical strength.


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